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2024- 2025 Exhibit Schedule: 

 Current & Upcoming

Bugs & Blooms
Michelle Tock York & Lauren Everett Finn
April 5th- May 3rd

Silver Kitchen Restaurant Flyer.png

Molly Carpenter
Solo Show
June 7th- June 29th


"Our Inheritance : A visual and live storytelling exploration of what gets passed down through the generations."

May 10th- June 1st

Edward Duff
Solo Exhibit
July 5th- August 3rd


Kristen Egan
Solo Exhibit
August 9th- September 7th


Julie Kradel
Solo Exhibit

September 13th- October 5th


Fran De Anda
Solo Exhibit
October 11- November 9th


Annual Holiday Gift and Art Tree Show

Mid November- New Year

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