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Open calls for Art 
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5th Annual Holiday Art Tree Exhibit 
Small Works 


Artists are invited to participate in our Annual Art Tree Exhibit and small works show (which has been added back this year).The idea of this yearly show is to encourage folks to gift one of a kind, gifts which are made by artists. Offering these works at affordable prices, and small sizes helps take the guess work out of it for people.


~Deadline to submit images or intent of ideas: October 10th.

~Delivery/drop off dates: no later than November 1st

~ Show Dates: November 10th- December 24th 


Criteria for Art Tree:

Typically, the Art Tree consists of ornaments or very small hangable art objects. These can be, but do not have to be holiday related. 


Mediums can be: clay, fiber, paper, glass, wood, or mixed media. 

All work for the Art Tree must be individually tagged with the retail price clearly written, and a way for it to hang on the tree. 

Specifically, the Art Tree objects should not exceed $75 each. Artists are encouraged to send several works for the tree so that we can replace pieces sold, and keep the tree well stocked through the holiday season.


The Artist/ Gallery split is 50/50 .

Depending on the subject matter, the unsold ornaments can possibly remain on display in the gallery throughout the year.  


Please email a few example images of your work to us at:

Be sure to include "Art Tree" in the subject line.

Please include retail prices, and materials,approximate dimensions in the email.

Criteria for Small Works Exhibit:

After a couple of years off, we are bringing back the popular small works show. We have added two components to it: a handful of featured artists will be invited to create several works for it, and alongside we are inviting more of you for an Open Call.



The dates for the small works portion is the same as the Art Tree portion. (See above)



PRICING: ALL work will be $175 or less to be included.

All 2-d work which can include paintings, fiber,encaustic,drawing,painting, mixed media, clay etc. will be 


ALL 3-D WORK:which can include sculpture with clay, glass, found object, paper, fiber, etc: must be no larger than 6" in any direction.

Please be sure that all work is ready to hang or display with the proper hardware.

Submission: Please send Jpegs along with price, and medium, dimensions to :

include: " Small works" in the subject line of the email

Group Show

Higher Art Gallery invites Artists of all mediums to submit up to 2 images for consideration to our 2nd "Love Language" Group show.  This show is dedicated to the theme of Love and all that it uniquely represents to each of us. All interpretations and representations are welcomed. 

Important dates:
Deadline to submit images for consideration: January 10th

Drop off and delivery no later than : February 20th
Show dates : February 2 - March 12

Mediums and Dimensions:
~up to two works will be considered
All mediums will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to: painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, glass, wood, fiber, photography, mixed media.
2-d work must not exceed 36" in any direction. ( including the frame)
3-d work must not exceed 24" in any direction

Submission process:
Please email jpegs of up to TWO images for consideration to :
Please include " Love Language" in the subject line
Include retail pricing, dimensions and materials used.

Artist/ Gallery split: 50/50



Black and White
a mono-chromatic photography exhibit
There's just something about black and white photography. It's timeless. Contemporary. Classic.
Somehow B&W is always in style. Whether you're working with silver gelatin or totally digital, eliciting nostalgia or leaning into abstraction, HART would love to take a look at what you have captured.

Deadline to submit images: December 1st 2023
Show Dates: January 5th - February 3rd

All are welcome to submit up to 3 Black and White images for consideration.
All subject matter is acceptable. 
Please send JPEGS, retail price, location/description to: with "black and white" in the subject.
* please include one image of the image of how it will be presented /as it will be matted or framed. Please Note that for cohesiveness, we prefer mats to be a variation of B&W, and for frames to not distract.

Please note size limitations:
Including matting and frame, work is to be no larger than 32" in any direction

All work needs to have the proper hanging hardware. Any pieces missing the hanging devices will not be included in the show. 

The gallery/Artist split is 50/50.
Work is to be received by the gallery no later than December 24th. 
If shipping, please include return shipping label for unsold work to be returned to you.

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